Flynn, et al., Captivating Classes with Constructivism
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This updated edition articulates key intentions to consider when designing and teaching a lesson.  The book provides in depth strategies for carousels, jigsaws, concept maps and literature circles and also provides user-friendly step-by-step descriptions of dozens of techniques to allow teachers and future teachers the ability to adapt into their own classrooms.

 The book is written for those educators who recognize the need to motivate and engage students in order to raise student achievement.

Table of Contents


SECTION ONE  Practical Classroom Application 1
One    Taking Lessons ApartTo Understand What Motivates Students
Two     Instructional Intentions of a Classroom Teacher
Three   A Rubric for Fulfillment of the Intentions
Four    Classroom Learning Experiences

SECTION TWO  Engagement Precedes Explanation
Five     Teacher as Coach: The Art of Scaffolding
Six       Reflection as a way to Scaffold
Seven   Exploring a Constructivist Lesson: Planning, Working the Room, and Reflecting

SECTION THREE  Preparing Teachers and Students
Eight    The Teacher/Coach Role While Students Work
Nine    The Constructivist Dance

SECTION FOUR Curriculum and Assessment
Ten      Assessment: Purpose and Practice
Eleven  Covering the Curriculum: Changing Education to Address Student Needs
Twelve Three Myths About Constructivism

SECTION FIVE  Four Classroom Strategies to Engage Students with Information
Thirteen  Jigsaws
Fourteen Carousels
Fifteen    Literature Circles
Sixteen   Concept Maps

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Flynn, et al., Captivating Classes with Constructivism

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