Bezerra-Nader, Mastering Whole Numbers the Expressway, 2e
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This book is about learning how to learn, and whole numbers is the topic for this instruction. Nontraditional methods are used to teach and reinforce computation skills. Students learn math facts using nontraditional family clusters. They learn to translate words into numbers and symbols and the reverse process. They learn to read and write numbers in a variety of ways. Emphasis is placed on thought processes which include pattern recognition, comparing and contrasting numbers, classifying information, and interpreting basic bar, line, and circle graphs. Students learn to use the organizational skills of making charts, lists, and Venn Diagrams. To build morale and provide additional computation practice and/or enrichment, students are introduced to integers.


Learning Disabilities Specialist Linda Reither said,
" This book is a gift to every struggling basic math student. Finally, there are enough words, clear connections, and explanations to satisfy their need to know why. The author has carefully and thoughtfully sequenced each step to build comprehension, success, and confidence for computation and application of whole number concepts."


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Bezerra-Nader, Mastering Whole Numbers the Expressway, 2e

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